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The Brand which joins

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Welding equipment and accessories

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Beveling and cutting

Beveling and cutting

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Accessories for gas cutting and welding

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Welding consumables





News & Events

May marketing promotions

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We are presenting marketing promotions of May of welding machines and dryers.

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April marketing promotions

most ponte 251 celWe are presenting marketing promotions of April of our products.

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March marketing promotions of welding machines.

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We are presenting marketing promotions of March of welding machines.

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Products & offers




We introduce new series of products: SuperCleanox and the Cleanox

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Links & manufacturers

Our Brands


brand eckert

Eckert company is a modern and innovative company, specializing in a production of CNC cutting machines. The company was founded in 1990. Headquarters are located in Legnica and has a branch in Zwickau, Germany.

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brand promotech

More than 300 products including professional power tools, beveling machines, welding automation equipment, gantry welding systems and many others. More than 95 % of production is exported world-wide. PROMOTECH® provides its business partners with unique products, incorporating leading edge machine-tool technology, excellent handling and professional warranty & post-warranty service.

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brand magswitch

Magswitch is the world’s most advanced switchable magnet technology. Magswitch magnet products are light and very strong, precise and easy to use. So versatile, Magswitch magnets are the magic inside an ever increasing range of products. The technology involved is new and superior.

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GOLD - Golden joints

brand gold

The GOLD® is a brand designed for quality welding consumables, welding wires and electrodes. It is a registered trade mark, globaly protected by World Intellectual Property Organization. All products signed with this mark are certified and conformed with quality and safety standards, and have all necessary approvals.

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RME Middle East

RME Middle East FZCO was established in 2011 as a professional service provider to the steel fabrication, shipyards and related industries. With experience of almost 20 years of mother company RYWAL RHC – RME Middle East FZCO is providing high quality and best value products along with service throughout the Middle East.


Achieving full customer's satisfaction through complex sales service specialized in the whole area of processes, where materials are joining by using heat. RME Middle East FZCO as a preferable professional partner for the customers looking for reliable supplier of welding solutions with best customer service and technical support throughout the Middle East.


To enhance the market share, identify new business opportunities, and stay ahead of competition by: Providing quality products and services based on customer and market demand. Expanding product and business lines through strategic partnerships with world-renowned suppliers. Maintaining a team of competent leaders and performance-oriented employees. Attaining corporate leadership by applying state-of-the-art technology and productivity tools and exercising effective management practice across the organization.

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EN ISO 9001 : 2008 / EN ISO 14001:2004

RYWAL-RHC Group works according to Quality Management System confirmed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Quality Management System has been supervised and certified since 1991 by Certification Bureau of Polski Rejestr Statków S.A.. Throughout well working Quality Management System we want to fulfill expectations of our Customers as well as our declarations included in Quality Policy and Company Mission. In December 2006 Company has passed again reevaluation audit made by auditors from Certification Bureau.

Quaility policy Company goals:

Satisfy customers' needs through delivery of goods and services which meet their highest requirements; Become a Leader in welding distribution on domestic market; Guarantee the quality improvement of the offered goods, the highest technical and sales customer's service and efficient work conditions; Guarantee the improvement of quality management system. Company declarations: Establishing of permanent co-operation with verified (qualified) suppliers which are able to meet our requirements; Continuous staff qualifications improvement through different trainings, motivation systems and every employee engagement; Openness for customers' suggestions and requirements and readiness for changes which lead to service quality and customer's satisfaction improvement; Individual responsibility of each employee for quality development; Reaching the planned quality results through quality goals, defining and realization.


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The biggest chain of welding stores

RME Middle East FZCO is a member of international group RYWAL-RHC which is the biggest chain in Europe of welding stores and engineering companies, including: RYWAL-RHC Sp. z o.o., INTEGRATOR RHC Sp. z o.o., Elkrem Sp. z o.o., Platforma Filtrowentylacyjna Sp. z o. o., Towimor S.A., as well as: SOLIK SK in Slovakia, RYWAL-LT in Lithuania, RIVAL-SVARKA in Belarus, RYWAL-RU in Russia and RYWAL-RHC Romania SRL.

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What we can do for You

RYWAL-RHC GROUP offers technology, machines and products used in processes that deal with joining and cutting materials by using heat (welding consumables, welding equipment, cutting and grinding machines, ventilation systems, personal protective equipment, technical chemistry products and robots). We cooperate with well - known suppliers from all over the world. At the same time, we also manufacture many products under our own brands: MOST, GOLD, ITS-ITM. Additionally our company provides accompanied to sale authorized guarantee and after-guarantee services, technical support and demo-shows of welding items.