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STEELFAB 2018 - Summary

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RME MIDDLE EAST FZCO (a subsidiary of RYWAL-RHC) took part at The Middle East Trade Show which is the largest sourcing platform for the Metal Working, Steel Manufacturing and Steel Fabrication Industry - STEELFAB 2018, which was held last 15-18 January 2018 at Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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STEELFAB 2017 - Summary

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RME MIDDLE EAST FZCO (a subsidiary of RYWAL-RHC) took part at The Middle East Trade Show which is the largest sourcing platform for the Metal Working, Steel Manufacturing and Steel Fabrication Industry - STEELFAB 2017, which was held last 16-19 January 2017 at Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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TÜV Rheinlannd Certificate for our cutting and grinding wheels.

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Dear Customers, we gladly inform you, that our production of cutting and grinding wheels recieved a TÜV Rheinlannd Certificate.

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JULY marketing promotions

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We are presenting marketing promotions of July of welding machines, dryers and rauter machines

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The company Reuter GmbH & Co. KG manufactures state-of-the-art technology for electrochemical cleaning - polishing - signing in Erkarth near Dusseldorf. All offered devices are self-developed and produced in series.

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walmag logo rme

WALMAG is a traditional manufacturer of industrial magnetic applications.

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brand promotech

More than 300 products including professional power tools, beveling machines, welding automation equipment, gantry welding systems and many others. More than 95 % of production is exported world-wide. PROMOTECH® provides its business partners with unique products, incorporating leading edge machine-tool technology, excellent handling and professional warranty & post-warranty service.

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brand magswitch

Magswitch is the world’s most advanced switchable magnet technology. Magswitch magnet products are light and very strong, precise and easy to use. So versatile, Magswitch magnets are the magic inside an ever increasing range of products. The technology involved is new and superior.

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Fanmig 322 Pulse MOST - Semi-Automatic Welding Inverter


Fanmig 322 Pulse is a cutting edge semi-automatic welding inverter machine designed for MIG/MAG welding and MMA coated electrode welding. Apart from the short arc welding, Fanmig enables users to weld with MIG/MAG pulse current. Fanmig 322 Pulse is a compact sized device including: electrical power supply and wire feeder are located inside a single housing.

Main advantages of MIG/MAG puls:

  • non or minimal spatters,
  • smooth face of the seam and seam high aesthetics,
  • essential for welding stainless steel and aluminium,
  • end crater filling.

The device operates in synergic or manual mode and includes a wide range of programmes for steel, stainless steel and aluminium pulse and short arc welding methods. Thanks to its simplicity in use it is recommended as a first semi-automatic „MIG plus” welding device in your workshop.

The device is powered from a three-phase 400 V. The 4-rolls wire feeder enables wire welding with 5 or 15 kg reels. Recommended steel wire diameters are 0.8 - 1.0 mm and 1.0 mm for aluminium. The inner cell of the wire feeder illuminated with a diode for easy wire installation, roll changing, etc. Device is also fitted with a button for ad hoc wire feed from the new reel.

Main applications:

  • light and medium-intensity production or renovation works,
  • non-ferrous metal welding,
  • crafting, production of light steel structures,
  • production of advertisements, racks, furniture. etc.

Simple and modern design of control panel. Parameters setup is performed by means of two multifunctional knobs. LCD shows parameter values during setting adjustments and real-time values during work performance. The LEDs next to the LCD informs which parameter is presented and what is the used unit: A, V or s. It is possible to save up to 6 personalized programmes entered to memory with buttons from 1 to 6.

Parameter Fanmig 322 Pulse
Welding method MIG/MAG MMA
Electrical power supply [V] 3x400/ 50/60 Hz 
Fuse [A] 16 slow 
Max. current drawn from the network 23,9 22,9
Effective current I 13,3 12,8
Welding current range [A/V] 20 A/15,0 V – 315 A/29,8 V 10 A/20,4 V – 300 A/32,0 V
Open circuit voltage U0 [V] 63 
Welding current [A] at:  
100% duty cycle 210 A / 24,5 V 190 A / 27,6 V
60% duty cycle 250 A / 26,5 V 230 A / 29,2 V
duty cycle for max. current 25% / 315 A / 29,8 V 20% / 300 A / 32,0 V
Welding current set point Stepless 
Wire feeder 4-rolls 
Wire feeding speed [m/min] 1 – 20 X
Welding torch cooling Air 
Welding Torch (gas) See options 
Weight [kg] 47,6
Protection class IP 23S 
Insulation class
Dimensions [mm]  height x length x width 670 x 911 x 474


Warranty: 24 months

Device is delivered in cardboard box with power plug included (CEE 16 A). The equipment includes a ground cable, gas hose and user manual. the wire feeder has rollers for 0.8-1.0 mm steel wire welding.

Catalogue no. for Fanmig 322 Pulse 51 00 023910

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